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There's no way one that big is going to go on a bike's luggage rest.

May I suggest another approach?

It's Coleen's handwriting.

Can we use this?

Should I say something?


I see what's going on.

She was intrigued.

The whole neighborhood was surprised at the news.

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These shoes vary in size, but not in shape.

I met him on the day I arrived here.

As a matter of fact, I did it.

She and I usually agree with each other.

The baby isn't crying anymore.

Maybe you need a vacation.

Is there someplace else you could stay?


I'm afraid of dying.


This whole affair stinks to high heaven.

I poured water into the bucket.

I know sign language.

Why the hell would he do that?

There's a lot of mess to clear up.

I really like to watch Power Rangers!

I'd make a good chaperone.

I can teach you things.

Why are you so interested in what Leora thinks?

I wasn't helpful.

Margot is perspiring.


In conclusion, the next step is to decide what we should do for the next step.


Everybody was looking for Matti.


I haven't eaten the soup and I won't.


I would choose honor before money.

His mother opened her eyes wide.

How far do we have to go?

I'm sorry I have no pencil to write with.

Gilles looks a sorry sight! What did he do to himself?

She wants to be a tennis player when she grows up.

Do you have ashtrays?

I'll wait for him for an hour.

Bitter medicine will not necessarily do you good.

It's easier to die than to love.

Have you ever slipped on a banana peel?


Sharon is drinking water.

She was just as excited as he was.

It's do or die now.

Oil and water don't mix.

I'm OK.


He doesn't want to play with his toys.

Life is fun.

Please go right away.

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He has a smattering of Greek.

We weren't given food or water.

I wouldn't put it past her.

The news quickly spread.

Has Cris calmed down?

I didn't want you to give Heinrich any money.

How's the food at that restaurant?


It's hard to fall asleep on stormy summer nights.

I'm Jill's son.

Have you ever dried your hair with a hairdrier?

We heard the boy playing the violin.

I'd rather die than see you cry.

Not bad. I can earn a good enough living.

He would not raise my salary.


Something incredible happened.

Our grandchildren will love it.

Those rumors are interesting.

I have to go to Sekar's office later today.

Many men were hired at the factory.

He got his discharge from the army.

They're mine.

We now have politicians who lack a child's knowledge of government.

He tumbled on a steep slope while skiing.

His post is merely a huge con.

I'm mistaken.

You're not going anywhere until your room is clean.

It's not all bad.

How did it come out?

Francisco has no desire to go dancing with Adam.

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Unprecedented ways should be tried.

The work was done with great haste.

Taurus rented an apartment on Park Street.

I don't want to live this way.

You told me that you were planning on going with us.

I doubt if you'll know anyone at the party tonight.

She did not keep her word.

Rika had a good time singing at the party.

Lucie isn't here. She's doing her good deed of the week.

She sat next to him on the sofa.

He has never been late to school.


It must've been quick.

Thank you, I understand everything.

She's bright and articulate.

It's a gimmick.

Are you cool with that?


He pretended like it never happened.


According to Barry, Jem is wild in bed.

Nou sat down and waited.

One swallow does not make a summer.

How many people are at this party?

You misled me.

Shanghai is referred to as the Paris of the East.

Damone finally got the nerve to ask Sonja out.

We are still hoping that Wade will get better.

Our television has been out of order for more than a week.

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The mistakes are mine.

She was ashamed of her ignorance.

It is better to say nothing about the matter.

We persuaded him not to go.

I know you and Bret skipped school yesterday.

Turn around.

Did I tell you that I'm claustrophobic?


I'll talk you through it.

For my part I hope it won't rain.

Is the bird flu eradicated?

I wasn't offended.

Look! A four-leafed clover!


You look very beautiful today.

I start at noon.

Don't pry into my private life.

It's been ten years since I came to live here.

They made a raft by lashing pieces of driftwood together with vines.

I'm having a date with a girl named Michelle.

We number him among our closest friends.


Your drinking is starting to affect the performance of your duties.

He'd prefer not to eat that.

Dan still had a girlfriend.

Where's Anthony's purse?

Srikanth might be in his office.

We went to Boston last month to visit Saqib.

My letter should have reached him about this time.

They're all safe.

I've got a flashlight in the glove compartment.

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We were on our way back from the rehearsals.

Her mother is going to undergo a major operation next week.

It was enjoyed.

I hear laughing.

I just don't want to discuss it right now.

I've got something important to discuss with you.

He was a god to his people.

Lois expects me to be there.

I've got the afternoon free.

I'm tired of listening to her.

I'll tell the others.

He wasn't able to stand up at once.

He is absorbed in scientific work.


Everyone formed couples and began dancing.


The toilet is stopped up.


That's up to Sedat, not me.


Do you still have a key to the house?

In the most thrilling moment, everyone looked very tense.

When will this end?

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Let's break off, shall we?

He was exiled from his country.

Jacob told me Dewey is in jail.

I have my doubts.

I thought it was a good book, but Jim thought otherwise.

He is a highly paid man.

Jack isn't there.

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They are hardly likely to come at this late hour.

He could do nothing but give up his plan against his will.

The market tends to undermine the very values that gave rise to it.

I told you everything I had to tell you.

I can't believe I just said that.

Brent's friend is getting married in Boston.

Do they want to go anywhere?


He put the gun to her head.

Alf has a scar on his cheek.

Is this a good time to buy a house?


Saiid doesn't like beer.