He faked his own death.

This is the only possible time for doing that.

I know how it works.

Be sure to get this finished by the time I come back.

I just wanted to say good luck.

Can I get you to do it?

The discussion the villagers had on the environment was quite lively.

Dimetry is my guest.

You got home late last night.

I didn't see the accident.

She needs a little more time.

Belinda's washing machine broke down a week after the warranty had run out.

It is likely that he did it on purpose.

That's why we didn't tell you.


Someone gave Nicolas a car.

I walk to work every day.

Did you see Dorothy leave?

I enjoy watching children play.

Winnie shoved Carole toward the door.

All I can say is that I'd rather not go.

The game was called off because it rained.

She was taught English by the nuns.

We were going to try that.

The TV was on all night.

Why don't you talk to her?

Are you going to give this to us?

I wrote some poems last weekend.


Sergei put some suntan lotion on.

Taurus respected Ramsey.

I'm predicting big things for Stacy.

What's the matter? You look sad.

The Nobel Foundation manages the assets, made available through the will, for the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, and Peace.

He has been ill ever since Sunday.

It doesn't sound like him.

Riches amount to little without happiness.

You might not want to go there by yourself.


One box is still missing.

European green crabs are invading North America.

I'd rather not discuss her.

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She never saw Jarvis again.


Some people shouldn't be allowed to drive.


You guys are late.

We cannot sleep because of the sound.

It's important to care for one another.

I prefer soap as a liquid rather than a bar.

We had always been close.

Soon you'll get used to living by yourself.

A cat has nine lives.


They mentioned having been there.


I plan on being early.


I am nothing. I shall never be anything. I cannot wish to be anything. Aside from that, I have within me all the dreams of the world.

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Don't try to blame this on her.

I thought Kris would meet Izzy.

Don't be afraid because I'll be with you.

My body still hurts, but that multi-day holiday trip was super fun!

They gave a play to entertain their teachers.

How does this concern you?

Our class has a meeting once a week.


She's been working all day long.

They've had a talk.

How much did you spend on Christmas gifts this year?

He comes here every few days.

I think you don't trust me.

They bother me.

It's as easy as falling off a log.

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Oh? I want to see him, too.

The pie looked very good, but it wasn't very easily digestible.

I don't feel good about it.

There are men who gain from their wealth only the fear of losing it.

I believe Gigi is correct.

Who's your best friend?

Do you want a hug?


This purse is made of paper.

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I'm pretty sure Kevyn likes Fred.

Do I still look the same?

Some fish live in rivers, others in the sea.


What is hell like?

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You'll be hearing from my lawyer.

We'll never catch her.

Kenton works for a startup.

The population of the world will double before long.

Do you have a solution?

We can do it right now.

He leaves for China tomorrow.

Come to the end of one's devil's luck.

Ken collects old coins.

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Let me buy you a beer.


No one approved the proposal.


My wife arrived in the airport at seven o'clock.


Vivek claims that you stole the pearls from her.

What about your manners!

Where do comets come from?

We want to do it right.

Where does he work now?


What kind of nonsense is this?


You have him there.

Didn't I tell you that I was allergic to peanuts?

Jeffrey is at a dinner party.

I think I understand you.

Jeffrey has requested our help.

I heard you sold your farm.

These are difficult questions.

I have an older brother.

Could it have been a murder?

Women are interchangeable instruments for a constantly identical pleasure.

Siping promised not to tell anyone how much we paid to have our house painted.

I think Shirley knows why Vice isn't here.

I have fond memories of Betsy.

I said step away.

I want to learn German with my friends.

I think that's exciting.

I'm eating everything.

We aren't late.

I've never told anyone that.

The training of lions is very dangerous.

Rob and Maria sweat, sitting in a Turkish bath.


Please come in and make yourself at home.


I'm not sure what's wrong with him.

Ji has a Dreamcast.

Holly asked me to do him a favor. However, I couldn't do what he asked.


He runs off to the lab every half hour.

We're rolling in dough.

No one could stop him from fear of his anger.

We should leave while we can.

Jeffery didn't say why.

Ronald wasn't easy to find.

Even Joanne doesn't do that anymore.


I don't think Jeremy will believe Suzan.

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I just started crying.

I can eat anything.

In various Turkish restaurants, shishkabob is the main food.

That particular person will run.

Please wait until 3:00. She'll be back then.


We named my son after my grandfather.

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John is convinced that the earth is flat.

This program was very popular so the information that it went off the air caused a wave of protest.

That one is really good.


Cadmium poisoning is a very common cause of death in the south.

I'm not going to answer that question.

Well, I bake bread, listen to music, or read comic books.

Hurry up, otherwise you'll be late.

I assumed you'd want me to help.

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I don't know where I've left the keys.


Did Radek see this?

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Does Valeria know Lee?

The bus was so crowded that I was kept standing all the way to the station.

There is nothing worse than doing something in a half-hearted manner.


Can you get away from your parents?

I just want it over and done with.

Someone important to society has passed away.


I was really surprised to hear that this cultivator cost as much as 1 million yen.


The city supplied the needy with blankets.


I hear that.

I'm not defending him.

You're not special.

I'm pretty sure I'll never see Murat again.

I prefer coffee to tea.


Danielle has never yelled at Randy.


The boss wouldn't let us go home early.

Are your parents home?

I think you know why.