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Stabilitas enables leaders at global organizations to safeguard their enterprises and deliver competitive advantage. Our technology enables the Security Crowd™ to keep people safe by connecting them to relevant intelligence.

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Stabilitas Web and Mobile App

" This technology is amazing. We trialed Mass Notification firms. We trialed Travel Risk Management firms. No one was willing to provide an all-in-one solution. You have it. "

-CEO at Assistance Provider

" We gave a tour of the Security Operations Center to planners for future Olympic Games. Stabilitas worked beautifully. It was a big hit! "

-Security Partner using Stabilitas at the Rio Games, 2016
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Stabilitas Intelligence


  • Know when an incident affects your organization
  • SigActs™, our AI-powered intelligence engine, collects all the information you need
  • One-click access to communication & analytics
Stabilitas Communication


  • Ensure your stakeholders know the critical information
  • Multi-channel mass notification by SMS, voice, email, data, & more
  • PACE Notify™ provides 2-way crisis communication & accountability
Stabilitas Innovation


  • Our changing world demands adaptation
  • Intelligent technology solves otherwise intractable security problems
  • We're building new ways for security leaders to keep people safe

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